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We understand online auctions are not the right solution for everyone.  For those situations, we take great pride in cleaning up the home, setting up, tagging, pricing, and conducting a live in person estate sale.   There are pros and cons to every type of sale, but in the right circumstances, tag sales can be very effective.   Since the general public doesn’t set the prices like they do with an auction, there is usually more labor involved with a Tag Sale and can be a little more expensive to conduct. 

Pricing Pressure: in a tag sale, there is always downward pressure, so you will never get more than what you tag something.   Due to the process, it is industry standard to reduce the price of items each day to try to get the most items sold as possible.   Usually, Day 1 is full price, Day 2 is 25% off, and Day 3 is 50% off.   

There are many things to consider before doing a traditional tag sale.  You have to evaluate security, property damage, theft, manpower, advertising, weather, and so many other things.  If this is the right solution for you, we will be glad to highlight the positives while helping to represent your treasures and your family during this process.   Please allow us to evaluate your estate for the best way to liquidate your personal property.  

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